It is another strong win for couples, as one made up with a bang after a long fight. Voices that were shouting at each other from across the room were now whispered in each other’s ears as they ground together in motion. The bed frame is knocking against the wall in rhythm to their pounding. The hinges and bolts are creaking under their weight. They took the fight to bed. They were on the verge of a breakup. The missus was already packing her bag. Their disagreement didn’t seem to have a silver lining. The argument was getting ugly. I foresaw a prolonged separation. Elders and a slaughtered goat would have to be involved. Maybe a religious institution too. Then her angry screams changed to faint groans. At first I thought the squabble had escalated to murder. Her muffled whimpers made me worry he was strangling her. I had previously read some articles highlighting the rise of domestic violence during this covid-19 lockdown period and I felt guilty that I never bothered to save the emergency hotlines provided for victims. I pinned my ear tighter to my bedroom window to hear better. If the sounds were audible, I would have recorded an audio and share on the internet “for awareness”. But I was confused when I recognised those familiar cries. It didn’t sound like she was in pain. I listened harder. I held my breath. I had to make sure. Indeed, he was strangling her, but consensually. I sighed in relief. The reconciliation went well, as the sheets could attest. The negotiations went on most of the night. Evidenced by the presence of an extra cleaning help this morning, it is safe to say the deliberations were thorough.